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January 17, 2022
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The us department of justice revised its decision regarding wire act and found that the prohibition that is in the law applies not only to sports betting, but also on the entire online gambling industry.

Online Gambling Market Under Threat

The decision of the strike of online gambling markets in the states that have already legalized online operations related to gambling.

In december 2011, the office of the council of justice under the us department of justice (olc) issued a conclusion in accordance with which the wire act law of 1961 applies only to online betting. This decision made it possible for many states to launch online lotteries, online casinos and poker operations held on the network.

On november 2, 2018, a new olc opinion appeared, which initially sounded in the online poker report. A new decision made by the assistant prosecutor general olc stephen engel, fundamentally contradicts the decision adopted in 2011.

In fact, both decisions are based exclusively on punctuation error. Indition, it is unclear what exactly applies to the wording about the ban – specifically, betting or all operations associated with gambling online. In 2011, suggested that all points of the law imply a ban on sports betting. Seven years later, after the revision of the law, the department of justice found that in 2011 «restrictions were interpreted incorrectly».

Since the office for the second time in seven years has chated the interpretation of the law, most likely, the decision of the exective power will be callenged in court. The department of justice may have problems, since the united states uses case law, and after cases were considered from the perspective of the fact that wire act contained limitations exclusively on sports betting.

Currently, three states launched online gambling markets: delaware, nevada and new jersey. Pennsylvania is in the process of launch. Still in six states act online lottery.

Recall that delaware, west virginia and mississippi demonstrated positive financial results after the legalization of sports rates, paying more than $ 3 million to the state budget in the form of tax deductions.

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