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January 11, 2022
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Gambling market of bulgaria demonstrated steady growth during the first nine months of 2018.

Online Gambling Sector Bulgaria is height

In the annual report of the bulgarian trade association of manufacturers and operators of the igor region (btamoi), it is indicated that the total amount that the online sector paid in the form of taxes for the fist nine nine months ofs of 2018 is 11.6 million levs (€57 million). It’s 17% more than last year.

The btamoi report also reports that 26% of license fees and the remaining – from 20% of the ggr tax, which is converted to the total income from work 13 of the regulated gembling sites of bulgaria, including the operators of bet365 and gwin gwin.

Online games are 10% of the common gambling market in bulgaria, and the rest of the parties falls on ground operators.

The total amount of gambling tax for nine months before september 30 was 174.4 million leftovers. The increase was 20% compared with last year. Thus, concerns about reducing the tourist flow from turkey were in vain.

Btamoi binds this growth with several factors: an increase in the availability of new technologies and acceelection of economic growth by 3.6%, which occurred due to the growth of private consumptionment and reduction of unemployment.

The chairman of btamoi angel iribozov believees that the cumulative amount of income for 2018 will be 13-15% higher than in 2017. Then she amounted to 500.5 million leftovers.

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