Only Olympics Remained: Lisa Tuktamysheva Told That She Needs For A Full Career

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July 22, 2022
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Russian figure skater lisa tuktamysheva in the final interview told about the role of the olympic games in his career, and also shared his plans for the next season and even hinted about the imminent completion of the career. The main sports news is already in the article.

Only Olympics remained: Lisa Tuktamysheva told that she needs for a full career

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Speech by liza tuktamysheva in stockholm will be remembered for years

Conquered silver world championship lisa tuktamyshev spent a really bright season: she not only made a worthy competition with young stars of figure skating, but also won a ticket to the world cup and took a prize place there. From the 24-year famous figure skater of russia, few people expected, the main reason was to concluded precisely in high competition among single. Her rivals freely jump quadruple and steadily take high points, elizabeth from ultra-si owns only a triple accele, but it is not inferior in other aspects.

Lisa Tuktamysheva

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On the eve of tuktamysheva told nbc that she often had to motivate themselves to continue to compete and overcome all the difficulties made of their experience of them for the future. The girl recalled that she pretty easily moved the cake (two days of high temperature and weakness), so in the season 2020/2021 she spoke on the impressive number of competitions.

«I was glad to demonstrate programs in the championship of russia, it was important to speak there. I was happy that i did not allow falling on every jump and everything was not so bad», – tuktamyshev admitted.

However, the disease had an impact on the body of an athlete, so she needed time to normalize the same breathing during the rental of an arbitrary program. Also immediately after lisa’s illness, it was tired faster, but she has already returned to the final of the russian cup. But then there were international starts: it was already difficult to do not because of the consequences of coronavirus, but because of the high competitiveness, which was noticeably different from the domestic russian. Tuktamysheva also emphasized that, like a young figure skater, she did not come across so high pressure, and now – this is an absolutely familiar thing for modern single.

But despite all the beauty and majesty of the career of elizabeth tuktamysheva, she is aware that the end of her era is already nearing. 24-year-old figure skater admitted that hitting the olympic games at the end of her career would be «cherry on the cake».

«In the most bold dreams i see myself on the podium of the olympics», – lisa admitted.

Of course, tuktamysheva understands how competitiveness she will have to face, but she is not going to do the olympiad with its main task for the next season. However, the importance of this tournament is invariably high: lisa has only to get to the games to achieve the limit of their capabilities.

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