Operator Of The National Lottery Of Great Britain Became The Official Partner Of Paralympicsgb

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March 2, 2022
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Operator of the National Lottery of Great Britain Became The Official Partner Of Paralympicsgb

The uk camelot signed an argement on becoming the official partner of paralympicsgb and the official team gb sponsor.

The national lottery has always been a fantastic supporter of the olympic and paralympic sporter of the olympic and paralotic sports, and now operator, camelot, will play a key role in ensuring that the atletes have achieved the most important sports of their lives in the best form.

The gb and paralympics gb team held a comprehensive analysis of their activities after postponement transferred to march 2020 to ensure athletes a safe environment to prepare for games, and vital support for camelota will play a key role in this.

Team gb investments will cover a number of civid mightigation measures from advanced hygienic technologies to a comprehensive test program that is aimed at protecting the team gb delegation before and during games. For paralympics gb, investments will provide guarantees, investments sideflow testing in all preparatory camps, ashletic village and country areas, as well as safe transport and power in pre-champs athletes in tokyo. Before the arrival of teams in tokyo, each detail was thougoht out to the smallest detail.

In this last announcement, camelot will be the official partner of paralympics gb and the official team gb sponsor. This will continue the relationship, in which the national lottery has a fundamental support for the olympic and paralympic athletes every time players buy a national lottery ticket.

Since in 1996, financing the national lottery of elite sports, more than 2.8 billion pounds of sterling was invested in support of the british olympic and paralympic sports. These funds distributed by uk sport are fundamental to the success of athletes and sports during the best countries of the world of the world.

In rio 2016, the uk team ranked second in the table of medals, winning 67 medals and exceeding the total number won in london four previously. Paralympics gb also enjoyed tremendous success, winning incredible 147 medals, 64 of which were gold, and ranked second in the medal table.

In addition to this, the national lottery made 2.2 billion pounds sterling to cover the cost of playing in london in 2012, while camelot performed his task to collect 750 million pounds for this amount from sales of specially designed lottery games.

As part of cooperation with camelot, team gb and paralympicsgb will help implement a program called "everyday wellness" for 1000 camelot employees and will help them become better: happy, healthier and balanced.

In a very difficult year for society throughout the uk and around the world, people were brought to the limit of their capabilities on different fronts, and this innovative program will expand the activities that camelot is already conducting in order to recognize the importance, values ​and well-being of its employees.

Ceo camelot nigel reilton said:

"We are pleased to support team gb and paralympics gb in this unusual period for the uk. Throughout the entire pandemic, the safety and well-being of our employees were our number one priority, so it seems appropriate that this partnership will not only help ensure that the country’s athletes will be encountered in a secure covid environment when preparing for games, but also provide and provide to our employees. Be at the height every day ".

General director of the british olympic association andy entrason said:

"Over the past 12 monhs, the country has suffered a lot, and tokyo games provide an excellent opportunity to create a positive signal. Camelot support is timely to ensure that we can support world-class environment for our athletes in tokyo, at the same time adding vital additional infrastructure to ensure the safety of our covid objects for our athletes and allow to achieve the "starting line" in the best possible possible condition.

We are also glad to work with camelot and their employees over our innovative health program and share lessons learned from the success of team gb ".

General director of the british paralympic association mike sharrock said:

"Like many other organizations, the covid-19 pandemic had a serious impact on the british paralympic association, and this partnership with camelot will help ensure that we will be able to provide world-class preparation and conditions for playing games to expand the possibilities. Our athletes will achieve this summer to achieve the goals.

Tokyo-2020 – an excellent opportunity to mark the resistance of the human spirit and we are sure that paralympicsgb can help combine and inspire a nation again."

Source: official site camelot group

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