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July 18, 2022
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Operators Urge to Ban Advertising Gambling In Germany

In germany, operators responded after the minister of internal affairs of bremen ulrich moror stated for the full ban on advertising of gambling at the conference of ministers of the internal affairs of federal lands next month. Maurer said that, in his opinion, the ban will help prevent the dependence on gambling and protect minors.

He criticized football clubs for partnerships with bookmakers, arguing that the benefit from the sector, which was "especially harmful to society". He claims that it is young people who were at risk of exposure created by sponsorship transactions.

Dswv stated that they were surprised by this proposal, and argued that advertising plays a key role in helping customers to distinguish legal from illegal gambling operators.

President dswv matias dams said:

"Since there are still many illegal operators in the german market, advertising licensed providers is vital importance. How else can citizens can distinguish safe sentences from unsafe?
Over the years of negotiations, federal lands found a good balance between making legal gambling accessible to the public and solve problems associated with the protection of young people and players. We assume that the conference of the ministers of the interior will be associated with the resolutions of the parliaments of all 16 states about the state gambling treaty.
The state should not create the impression that it measures the double standards and wants to prefer its own gambling products. In the end, all the holders of the german gaming license – both state and private – were carefully tested by the authorities for their reliability and productivity.
It also applies, in particular, to their advertising strategies. Advertising illegal providers is prohibited by law, law enforcement agencies should focus on ensuring compliance with this requirement ".

Source: focus gaming news

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