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April 19, 2022
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In connection with the announcement of the ignition zone in yalta «golden shore» a number of some experts expect revenues to the budget of the republic in the amount of 25 billion rubles. Opinion and infrastructure and infrastructure has also been expressed.

Opinion of experts on the popularity of the Golden Beach zone

Igor ballo, head of the association of gambling workers, believes that it is primarily important to pay attention to the tourist cluster, while the casino must be in second place. In his opinion, the 15 hectares highlighted will not be enough for guests who want not only to play, but also relax. Therefore, there must be a corresponding infrastructure.

Professional pokherist ilya gorodetsky places hopes for the project and confident that «golden shore» will acquire his audience of fans. An example is indicative «red polyana» in sochi, which is popular among foreign tourists. In his opinion, the gambling zone in yalta will have more local status due to the fact that players from other countries will not come. The reason is that world operators will not be able to organize tournaments specifically for one country. Thus, the high popularity of the gambling zone in yalta will be provided at the expense of russian players. Problems with finance are possible, especially in the poker player environment, which often deal with cash. This is explained by the fact that some payment systems cannot work on the territory of crimea.

Dmitry Slobodkin

Dmitry slobodkin, a specialist in gambling business, believes that it is not worth expecting from a casino in yalta significant contributions to the budget. The number of objects that will be opened in one place is limited. Also, a tourist is also coming to the crimean peninsula, not referring to the high-class gambling players in the understanding of gambling houses. The budget is not too replenished yet due to the fact that the deduction of the tax is performed from the unit of gambling equipment.

Andrei kozrenko, a representative of the financial market committee, in turn, is confident that the opening of the gambling zone will lead tourists from other countries, which will show the openness of the russian economy and will have positive results regarding overcoming sanctions. Also, the gambling business will be an incentive to provide international flights in simferopol airport.

Recall, irskz «krasnaya polyana» beats records by number of visitors.

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