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January 27, 2022
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Congress party in goa called on the ruling coalition to remember this previously promise to close all casinos in the state.

Opposition Goa Opposes Casino

Photo source: hindustantimes.Com

The state opposition party goa recalled the ruling coalition about their forgotten promise to ban all casinos in the state. Her president, girish chodancar, quoted the report of the legal commission of india, which refers to the ban on illegal betting and gambling. He made this statement on the eve of parliamentary elections in india.

«In the report of the legal commistion of india called „legal basis: gambling and sports rates, including cricket in india“ the government of july 2018 reports that the legalization of rates and gambling in the country is undesirable. The document also refers to the need to ensure a complete ban on illlegal betting and gembling», – chodankar stated with reference to the words of minister of justice. P. Chaudhari.

The opposition leader criticized the ruling coalition headed by the party «bharatius janat», for non-fulfillment of a promise about the release of goa from a casino made in 2012 during the election campaign of the state legislative assembly.

«If the governo wants to prohibit a casino, our party will present him a report of the legal commission. Let the government learn it and emit the corresponding position», – he added.

Earlier, the minister of tourism of india manohar aigankar said that the expansion of gambling business in goa is not planned. Thus, new gambling places in the state will not be open.

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