Opposition Party South Africa Ridiculous Government Ban On Online Gambling

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January 30, 2023
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On the eve of the voting government, the ban on online gambling in south africa is ridiculed by the largest opposition parties of the country.

Opposition Party South Africa ridiculous government ban on online gambling

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Galebon kachalia, depeuty minister of commerce and industry, made an ulcer statement to the ruling party of the african of trade and industry (dti) in response to the country’s plans «prohibit internet to stop online gambling».

Kachalya argues that in the section of the 54th current law on gambling, a guarantee of the competitive environment on the national gembling market is prescribed. But the proposed changes in the anc to the law will provide regulators with new powers that can punish both online gambling operators and their customers.

Kachalya said that in the course of discussions it was expresed, in his opinion, innious observation that online gambling can banned, only forbidting the internet.

The opposition depety believees that the online gambling industry is a prosperous and revenue industry, whose popularity is only increased over the years. He also stated that the parliamentary committee was ready to make a report in wout would be cleared that im impossible to consider online gambling separately: any change in legislation should be complensive.

Despite the colorful performance and strong arguments in support of the online gambling industry, the majority of votes in parliament belong to the anc, and therefore of the ruling party does not require support for oppositionists.

Members of the opposition party repeatedly trid to initiate a change in legislation that would expand the possibilities of gambling business in south africa.

Recall that the association of casino south africa (casa) present the latest data on the income of the igor industry in the republic. According to the report, gauteng, the most developed province, generates 8.01 billion randov (r) of revenue (43%), kvazulo-natal – r3.51 billion, and the west cape province – r2.92 billion.

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