Osaka And Wakakima: Tandem Or Rivalry

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January 19, 2022
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Waka’s prefecture has a chance to get licensing for the creation of a resort casino if the choice will be made on the basis of the balanced sentences say.

Osaka and Wakakima: tandem or rivalry

Several regions of the country have shown interest in creating integrated reserts in their territories. According to a survey conducted by the management of the promotion of casino-resorts, hokkaido, tokyo and yokohama are in the process of studying the subject. Osaka and nagasaki declared that the casino resort was ready to take on their territory. Also in 2018, wakakova requested information about seven casino operators.

Recently, the government of japan held a briefing with the discussion of the development of complex resorts. At the meeting in the presence of employees of the cabinet secretariat, officials confirmed that all applications will be considered from the level of prefectures.

The final decision will be made with the balance of programs. Licensed will be the regions that will bring japan in international tourism leaders.

Representatives of wakakima assured that the proximity of the area to osaka will not be taken into account when licensing. Both administrative units are in the densely populated region kansai.

Previously, representatives of wakica stated that the proximity to osaka, on the contrary, would spur the region to more diligent work on obtaining a license. In addition, the prefecture believes that osaka and wakakima can perfectly complement each other.

«Since kansai – the densely populated area with a high population density, taking into account the location of the international airport, we believe that synergy and multiplying economic benefits in tandem osaka and wakakima are possible if both prefectures are licensed», – the statement by the authorities of wakakima.

Recall: at least seven key regulatory issues should be considered before the japanese resort casino opens.

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