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March 29, 2022
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ScientFic Games Became a Partner Otherlevels

Scientific games corporation has expanded the openarena platform, becoming a partner of otherlevels, a leading customer interaction platform.

Openarena is the first universal marketplace in the industry, which provides operators access to customizable content from scientific games and its portfolio of partners, including high-level analytics at the rate of sports, data streams and trade between live sports, cybersport, virtual sports and many others without the need for complex integration.

The in-play event messaging system from otherlevels is the latest addition to the market for integrated preferred openarena solutions for operators. Launched at the beginning of the first global platform for aggregation and distribution of content for igaming operators operators a wide range of suppliers to help them expand their markets. Otherlevels provides advanced features to intelligence and player experience in openarena.

Brendan o’kein, ceo and founder otherlevels, said:

"We are very pleased to officially become a partner of scientific games, the world leader in the field of opensports and the platform of the bookmaker openbet. Providing openbet operators of scientific games opportunities to expand their media resources 24/7 provides amazing quality of customer service and triple benefits: increasing income, involvement and deduction. This is a win-win option for the operator, scientific games and otherlevels.

The impact of the combined solution on the operators customers the rules of the game and is the following generation of the interaction with customers who go beyond solutions based on the crm of the first generation ".

Kate o’laflin, senior vice president on digital in scientific games, said:

"I am very glad that otherlevels officially joined the openarena platform. As we extend the platform, otherlevels in-play provides the first in the industry of living messages for openbet operators on an enterprise scale.

Offering operators the ability to autonomously create and provide personalized customer interaction, combining their openbet markets, live broadcasts and behavior of customers around the clock in various sports and leagues, customer interaction goes to a new level.

This will allow our operators to maximize the coverage of customers and return customers into a working condition without adding major marketing teams and corresponds to the scale and complexity that we already provide ".

Source: official site scientific games

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