Ovechkin Broke The Next Record, But It Did Not Help “Capitals” (Video)

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January 17, 2022
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Alexander ovechkin again marked by a scored goal, thereby having broken a record, but his goal was not enough for victory «washington capitals» above «saint louis blues».

Content: 1. Record ovechkin2. Video review «washington capitals» – «saint louis blues»

Photo source: tass.Ru

Record ovechkin

The fight has begun for «metropolitan» very good. Already at the 8th minuteer ovechkin was marked by a scored washer, which became for him the 33rd this season and the 640th nhl quarry. This goal alloded him to reach the 14th place in the list of the top league scorers (this place he divides with dave andreychuk) and on the 6th donated points in most. Now «ovi» there are only 7 piles to become the most produtive russian in the history of the national hockey league.

Ovechkin goal

Video review «washington capitals» – «saint louis blues»

However, the big team of alexander this evening was not capable of passing 4 washers in the next two periods. For «capsov» this was the second defeat in a row, but for «bluesmen» – third victory, andractted in a confident style.

«Washington» looked tired and slow, it is alarming fans, because today at night «capital» will have a match with fundamental rivals – «nashville predators», which are suitable for the game after three days of rest.

«We played wrong, not good, and the result – on the tablo. This applies to all of us. There was a bad game, bad match», – quotes ovechkin’s words official site nhl.

Captain «washington» does not hide that his team and he personally need rest. For this reason, the hockey player refused to take part in the match of all the stars, where the fans took away.

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