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January 12, 2022
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Alexander ovechkin took part in victory «washington capitals» above «carolina harrcrines» 3: 1, giving an effective transfer, but the most cute moment of this evening occurred on the warm-up.

Ovechkin Brought a Fan To Tears (Video)

December 28 at 3:00 moscow time began the match between «washington» and «carolina», in which the team of alexander ovechkin mined the third victory in a row in the framework of the national hockey league. «Ovi» in this fight, i could not improve my statistics on the slaughters scored, but continues to lead in the list of championship snipers with 29 goals. However, to participate in the victory, the attacker still succeeded: after his transfer, ti jay osh was notic.

All i want for christmas is a 2-goal lead! Oshie delivers! ????

Stream #capscanes live: https: // t.Co / wn6lwyetgx pic.Twitter.Com / cs9bfcgdko

— nbc sports capitals (@nbcscapitals)
december 28, 2018.

Also alexander took part in the: very nice moment of this evening. It happened on the warm-up before the match. Ovechkin performed the desire of 18-year old fans «capsov», which on his birthday came to the ice arena. The girl studo with a small poster, which was pleased to give her a puck. And «great eight» made it before it is spectacularly visiting the sports shell on the stick.

It really doesn’t get any better than this this this. Well done, @ ovi8 ????#authenticfan pic.Twitter.Com / twni5xqnw9

— nbc sports capitals (@nbcscapitals)
december 27, 2018.

After victory «capitals» continue to occupy the third place in the eastern conference with 49 points, while «metropolitan» played two games less the leading «tampa bay lighting». The next match team of alexander ovechkin will spend on the road against «ottawa senators» deceptber 30th.

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