Ovechkin Did Not Fought For 9 Years, Apparently, Was Preparing For Battle With Candle (Video)

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February 11, 2022
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Yesterday alexander ovechkin team, «washington capitals», skidly lost «carolina harrrikenses» with a score of 5: 0. The captain itself was remembered only by one convincing effect – knockout in the first fight for 9 years.

Ovechkin did not fought for 9 years, apparently, was preparing for battle with candle (video)

Source photo: kp.Ru

«Coward does not play hockey, but it will be easier if you are mma fighter» – so you can rephrase a string from the old soviet song about one of the most popular sports in the world and fighting on ice. And indeed, hockey is famous for the power struggle, and real fisting battles between athletes occupy a separate place in this sport. The quality of such clashes is often inferior to real combat disciplines, but also in hockey there are their «conoras» and «tysia».

In general, in this sport, such people are called tafgia. Their task is not so much to score goals or give transmission, more precisely, their task is absolutely not about goals and transmission. On tafigi lies responsibility for the intimidation of rivals players. It is they who make this sport as masquelline as much as possible. Power techniques, fights and knockouts – it’s about such guys. One of the best tafgaev in history is the canadian of george laraca, who literally fastened the fun.

Now this position is not so claimed because of the various innovations in the rules of the nhl. Teams prefer to find players who could combine physical power and work technique with a puck. To some extent, alexander ovechkin just falls under this characteristic of the universal, as it often successfully applies the tactics of power techniques.

And recently, alexander broke, it would seem that fedorov’s eternal record and became the most efficient russian in the history of nhl. More about it in a separate material.

But fights «ovi» not so often. Before yesterday’s skirmish with another russian, andrei svetchnikov, «great eight» i got into a similar situation in the distant 2010. It was in the match with «rangers» and ended quite crying. «Caps» lost with a crushing score 7: 0, and the russian was defeated by an american dubinski.

Yesterday duel «washington» against «carolina» was the third in their series, before that, both victories belonged «capsam». At the time of the outbreak of the conflict between alexander and andrey «caps» lossed only 1: 0, but the passions were already boiled. A certain voltage between hockey players was felt in the previous two matches, but on the 11th minute of the first period it turned into a fight. And the initiator was the 18-year-old striker «harrurchinov» andrey svetnikov. The collision has long lasted: after a few crushing blows, young wunderkind fell on the ice and could not then rise without any assistance.

Unlike the battle of the 9-year old ago, ovechkin came out the winner, that’s just his team once defended. Thus, the score in the series was 2: 1 in favor «capsov» and returned «carolina» in the fight. After conflict, captain «washington» spoke about the fact that both of them are not the best fighters, and hoped that everything is fine with andrei. The candles, in turn, commented on his decision to cause «ovi» on a fight as not the worst of those he took.

On the eve of the playoffs, ovechkin experienced a certain decline in his game. More we wrote here.

The next meeting between the teams will take place on april 19, also on the field «carolina harrurchynes».

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