Ovechkin From The “Cabinet” Scored The 650th Goal For Washington And Laid The Beginning Of The Victory (Video)

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January 31, 2022
3 minutes

Alexander ovechkin scored the anniversary goal for «washington capitals», opening an account in a duel against the main competitor on the standings – «toronto maipl lifs». As a result, the match ended the victory «capsov» with a score of 3: 2.

Ovechkin from the 'Cabinet' scored the 650th goal for Washington and laid the beginning of the victory (video)

Photo source: russian.Rt.Com

All defenders of the league certainly know that alexander ovechkin most of their goals scores from the area of ​​the right circle of throwing. This zone even received a separate name in the media – «office» or «cabinet» ovechkin. American sports journalists love to joke on this. In their opinion, each game of the ovi comes to work and sends a puck at the rival gate from the throw-in zone, being in most.

So it happened this time. At the beginning of the second period, the great eight of the cannon shot sent a puck to the far nine gate frederic anderson. For him, this effective shot was 650th in t-shirt «washington». Thus, the russian rose to the fourth line in the list of players who scored the most goals for one team. Ahead is only mario lemene (690), steve ayzerman (692) and gordy hou (786).

Previously, alexander broke fedorov’s record, becoming the most effective russian player in the nhl. Read more about achieving in separate material.

For more effective actions, the striker did not notice, but his comrades were able. First brett conole at the end of the same second period, and then john carlson. However, the victory was not given «capsam» very simple. On goats «metropolitan» canadians answered by the washers of andreas junsson and john tavares. But turn the course of the gamer in overtime failed, despite the statistical superiority.

That they did not succeed, it is worth paying tribute to gollyper «washington» breidon httbi, who have repetedly reversed his team. Himself showed himself and frederick andreson «toronto». The noteworthhy moment happened when goalkeepers took turns made two magnificent sailing.

But in the end, the bill remained 2: 3 in favor «capitals». The victory allowed the team of ovechkin to save the fifth place in the conference and reduce the lag from «maple lifs» to one point.

Past fight counter «los angeles kings» ended with a similar account, the russian in that game was notic by dubl. Detailed game review – in our material.

After the fight, alexander ovechkin said he wants to once again win the stanley cup with the team, although he understands that this year it will be even more difficult. Also forward, which continues to lead the list of snipers nhl of this season, noted that his chatedude to the game has changed. Previously, he was aimed solely on personal trophies, and now he is more important to command achevements.

Next fight «washington capitals» hold tomorrow. Team to play against «buffalo sabrz», which lost the last four matches. W «capsov» very good chances of victory, because in the personal meetings they won «sebss» in four of the five extreme meetings.

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