Ovechkin Interrupted The Head Drought And Updated The Record (Video)

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January 14, 2022
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Doubles of the russian striker and captain «washington capitals» alexandra ovechkin brought his commands to the team against «boston», but «ovi» struck not only.

Ovechkin interrupted the head drought and updated the record (video)

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2019 for the acting owners of the stanley cup began extremely unsuccessful – 2 defeats in a row. But in the end «caps» were able to get out of the short crisis and tet the third victory tonight. Overcame the head drought and russian striker alexander ovechkin.

First «eight» i closed the transfer of tom wilson, making an account 1: 2. And at the end of the fight took advantage of the error «boston», who hoped to recoup the goalkeeper, and threw the puck into the empty gate, setting the final account 4: 2 in favor «metropolitan».

Russian continued to lead in the championship snipers race. Now on his account 32 washers in 43 games. Thanks to the out on the 50th place in the next of the nhl and he left only 7 goals to become the best russian league sniper during its existence.

Generally «ovi» was very charged on the fight in this match. Besides actually scored washers, alexander «great» two spectacular power techniques. In particular, everyone noted the second when ovechkin in the literal sense pushed himself overboard haru.

Ovechkin pushed himself overboard haru

Full view of the match

The following test for alexkin and his «washington capitals» will be a match against «columbus blue jackets», which this night in overtime snapped victory «nashville predators» 4: 2. Read our forecast for this duel here.

Recall that the russian striker refused to participate in the traditional match of all the stars of the nhl, despite the fact that he was chosen by the captain «eastern division». «Ovi» explained his decision – need to relax.

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