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April 15, 2022
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Thanks to the information provided by the metro insider, the first fans of overwatch 2 were heard of the announcement of the announcement on october 19. Overwatch 2 will also turn on the new echo character.

Overwatch 2 - new heroes, plot and tasks

This hero was present to publish the public last year. Rumors that developers will add pve mode. Also, some cooperative tasks will be carried out by groups of four players, and one of the missions will be held in rio de janeiro (brazil). It is expected that a cooperative game will not be deprived of a storyline at the base.

Fans are also waiting for the game on the network – push. There is no moreformation about this creator worked on the map, the basis for which the city of toronto served.

Multiplayer in the competitive section is supplemented by mode «natisk». In the previous part, the game took place in the modes:

  • «Support»;
  • «Storm»;
  • «Hybrid»;
  • «Capture».

Surely, many overwatch 2 players will appreciate the opportunity to open new skills during the gradual pumping of the hero.

Overwatch 2: release date and comments metro

Overwatch 2: Release Date and Comments Metro

There is also information provided by aspn that the logo laid out outwork is reliable and has a direct repairs to the gameplay. It is interesting to note – the second part will not be a direct continuation of the first, but its autonomous branch. Metro also suggested that the pot passes in time preceding the events of the first part, and the skins were transferred to overwatch 2.

More accurate information regarding the release date, most likely, will be known on november 1 on blizzcon – events where company representatives will perform.

Recall, on the official online platform blizzard laid out timetable blizzcon 2019.

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