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April 22, 2022
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The plot of overwatch 2 will be equipped with the most real history – with string, development of composition and conclusion. This was told the lead screenwriter games.

Overwatch 2: Scene company - details are made public

What will be the plot in overwatch 2?

All parts have become public domain, thanks to the interview for the playstation blog, in which the lead screenwriter overwatch 2 michael chu opened the curtain of the mystery. The representative of the studio told the public about what approaches are guided by the creators when thinking of the story missions of the game.

The main news was the fact that the studio decided to resort to the traditional method of organization – overwatch 2 scene company. From beautiful synematics and seasonal events, most likely refuse.

History will begin with the fact that winston applies a detachment overwatch. Against this, the development of plot lines will occur.

Chu said that the decision on the traditional of the narration was not profitable. The fact is that many users and fans of the first part of the game appealed to the developer with similar requests, adding that simply browse interactive videos – not very interesting. The company’s representative also noted that experimental pve-events helped in understanding how precisely the plot of overwatch 2 should be presented to players.

Chu emphasizes that in the company the story is made calling the story experience, because the game is an atypical plot campaign, which you can go with comrades. He also promised that now users will be able to live together a story that should be a holistic adventure.

Recall that figurine may – character overwatch – it turned out to be an unpleasant proceedings in the epicenter, because it was not possible to cease sales.

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