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March 22, 2022
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About new, 31st character overwatch actively spoke a few days ago. The spectacular announcement from jeff kaplan, vice-president blizzard entertainment, provoked the appearance of rumors and speculation about the new hero of his beloved shooter. Now the developer revealed more details about sigma.

Overwatch: IT BECAME KNOWN What The New Character Will Be

Unusual astrophysicist wh studies black holes, – so characterize the new character his creators. Sigma’s calling (sigma) is to reveal the secrets of the universe. However, he himself is not suspectioning, becomes a live weapon.

Blizzard did not immediately show the hero to fan shooter, retaining intrigue. Initilyly, kaplan simply said that the current summer «there will be many amazing things». Next sigmu «lit» in the spanish version of the official site, but soon deleted. True, it did not prevent the players of mexico national team on overwatch to make a screenshot and place it in twitter.

Another hint from blizzard about the new hero – announcement with special effects in which jeff kaplan absorbed «black hole», and instead of it appeared mathematical formulas.

The third stage was the disclosure of sigma abilities. The new hero will have two guns. First – soaring transparent shield that can «to uncover» in the right place. He takes on the enemy shots and thus fills its strength.

Second – two charges capable of destroying and discarding for a certain distance.

Visually, everything is presented in this video border:

The only one where blizzard still keeps intrigue, – the date of the official presentation of the sigma and its appearance on the main servers overwatch. The developer only warned that it would happen later than the usual. One of the most suitable events for such a presentation can be the annual blizzcon festival (1 will be held 1–november 2). By the way, the company already has a similar experience: it was here that sombru was introduced into the shooter.

Recall, blizzard, previously reported the change in the format of the overwatch computer game and the transition to the system 2-2-2.

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