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February 11, 2022
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Paddy Power Using SPOTLIGHT data at its dots

Paddy power launched sportlight sports content at its dots in the uk and ireland. Sports and analysis are the first of its kind, which will be placed in retail stores from spotlight sports group, which has been providing services for racing and greyhound for bookmakers in the uk and ireland for more than 20 years.

Data based on statistical analysis and expert opinions of specialists spotlight sports group cover more than 20 sports and are designed to give customers an idea of ​​how, in the opinion of experts, a key event will develop. Designed specifically to attract customers engaged in retail rates, content includes rates for the match and direct event.

Content integrated in 450 points of receiving paddy power rates will definitely improve retail trade after a period of long-term closures due to government restrictions in the uk and ireland. On the festive period of football matches, improved content in combination with the opening of stores – the long-awaited impetus.

Spotlight sports group retail director alan peppersell noted:

"This is a big step for us for business. For a very long time, we worked closely with paddy power, providing materials about jumps and greyhounds in retail outlets and online, but these are our first steps in retail sports.

Content spotlight goes beyond the possibilities to attract the bookmaker’s customers and provides them with a fragment of expert analysis, which helps to inform and make more informed rates decisions. We are glad to see it in retail points and hope that he will give buyers and owners of the impulse necessary after the difficult year ".

The second words of alan, stephen dalton, head of the retail product department in paddy power, spoke about his desire to introduce sports content to shops throughout the uk and ireland:

"We know that the racing post content for many years was the main product of the bookmaker’s office, and we fully expect that sportlight sports content will continue this trend. We are glad to see customers interact with content, and use tips and analysis to bet. This year was not easy, so we are constantly trying to improve the quality of service and expect that our customers will have more pleasant experience due to the provision of additional independent information. ".

Source: official site spotlight sports group

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