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January 12, 2022
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Two state medical institutions will soon update the facade and will improve the services provided. Filipino entertainment and game corporation (pagcor) officially transferred them financial assistance for the total assistance for the total amount of 1.4 million pounds sterling.

Of this amount, 823 thousand pounds were allocated to the health department of the armed forces of the philippines for the construction of the philippines for the construction of the game residential building in their medical center.

A five-story house for 35 rooms and 125 seats will be used by families or guardians of soldiers contained in a medical institution. It will place in it for a minibar or around the clock shop, dining room and kitchen, as well as rooms for patients who care for patients. It is expected that construction will be compleed in a year.

Acting commander of the financial center sun aaron talens expressed gratitude to pagcor for continuous support for afp.

"We thak pagcor for these significant financial resources that will help us build a shelter for families of our soldiers who are undergoing treatment. Pagcor has always provided us with support for many years – even the families of our soldiers who died during the siege of maravi, "he said.

Pagcor also handed 618 thousand pounds to the university of philippine university of los banjos – university health service (uplb-uhs) for the reconstruction of the uplb-university healthses complex, including the upgrades of the hospital equipment. The compltion of the project is expected within two years.

Chairman andrea domingo sharedor of pagcor andrea domingo shared that the state regulator of the gambling business has long been supporting the armed forces that are constantly risking their lives to protect the safety and well-being of filipino.

"We owe the world and security in our country to our military. They are with us during emergency situations, disasters and wars. Help in the construction of this house – one of the ways to pay tribute to their immesurable ministry and commitment to our country, "she said.

Similarly, domingo emphasized the importance of the financial grant pagcor for uplb-uhs:

"University – the pride of our country, because he brings up leaders in both the public and private sectors. In particular, uplb made a significant contribution to research and development. Thanks to our financial support for their medical institution, we hope to provide them with high-quality medical services that every filipinets deserves, "she notic.

Originally created as a clinic in 1914, the uplb las4 became the secondary hospital in 1995 and now serves not only students and unversity staff, but also neighboring communities. Hospital also offers surgical operations and laboratory services, among other things.

Source: official site pagcor

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