Pagcor Argues Two Centers For Gembling Operations Pogo

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March 17, 2022
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The head of the philippine entertainment corporation and gambling (pagcor) andrea domingo reported that the gambling regulator approved the creation of two zones in the country for philippine offshore gembling operators (pogo).

Pagcor Argues Two Centers For Gembling Operations Pogo

«It is easier for us to regulate the activities of foreign companies when they are within certiain gambling zones», – explained domingo to journalists in the sidelines of ivent phil-asian gaming expo (page) 2019.

She also stated in order to attract as much of offshore operators as possible to work on local government, companies will be provided with certain privileges.

Domingo also reported than pagcor as of today approved two special zones: the first – in the free port of clark and the special economic zone, about 10 hectares (24.7 acres), and the second – in the southern province, kavita is 30 hectares.

According to pagcor’s statement, licenses pogco for operators located in special centers are valid for three years and can be extended by another seven. At the same time, those whose work outside the gambling zone, the prolongation is available only for three years.

Local edition business world reported that office and residential premises will be located in such centers, power facilities, food and food stores, including night, as well as healthcare facilities and entertainment centers. State agencies that are involved in regulation of pogo will also have offices in these locations.

It it also known thoat pogo is actively expanding, and as of the end of june, the company renten 242,000 square meters (2,604,866 square feet) in the metro manila, according to leechiu property consultants agency.

As of march, 54 licensees pogo were registered at the country’s internal revenue bureau, of which 10 local companies and 44 – offshore. At the same time, seven companies from among local and only eight offshore licensees were registered with the tax office, reports business mirror.

Previously, pagcor has released a warning to pogo on compliance with local laws and the importance of timely tax deductions.

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