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March 24, 2022
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Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation '

As part of the support of domestic production, the philippine entertainment and game corporation (pagcor) passed 6.1 million pesos (127 thousand dollars) the fiber industry development department of the philippines (philfida), the government agency responsible for the development and support of the fiber industry.

According to chairman and director general of pagcor andrea d. Domingo, financial grant "will be used to build a cotton processing center in illofida, as well as for delivery, delivery, installation and testing equipment for the processing of cotton fiber in ilokos norte.

The depeutive executive director of philfida annray rivera said that a cotton yarn will be processed at the second stage of the processing center, and donation from pagcor will help facilitate the work of cotton:

"Currently, the production area is located in india and can be used for cotton production. Pagcor provided philfida significant help, "she said.

Rivera reported that the philippines produce various types of natural fibers, such as abaca, cotton, pineapple, silk and others, for the product of various products from surgical masks to parts for airplanes and cars. The country is the largest manufacturer of abaki fibers, providing about 87% of global needs for the production of various materials.

"We are working to create an industry capable of satisfying global need for renewable and environmentally friendly materials. We are very grateful to pagcor for generous support, "rivera added.

Source: official site pagcor

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