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April 29, 2022
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Pakistan intends to recognize Kibisport by ordinary sports

The federal minister of science and technologies of pakistan favad hussein said at a press conference that a memorandum was signed between the council of sports pakistan and the pakistani scientific fund, according to which celebre will receive the status of "ordinary sports". He also supported those who are interested in video games, writing on twitter:

"If you are interested in video games, get ready, new opportunities await you".

The announcement followed the interview in which hussein promised to help investors and players in cybersport enterprises. He also announced that the ministry would offer certificates and scholarships for the development of games at institutions across the country to encourage youth to participate in the industry.

In addition, the minister also spoke about the first national cybersport tournaments in collaboration with vakar zack – popular internet influencers in pakistan. The tournament must begin in march, and private sponsors will be organized so that the state bureaucracy will not affect work.

Although the interest on the part of the government will certainly play a big role in the legitimation of cyberports in pakistan, in the past the country had a relationship of love and hatred for video games. In july 2020, the country unlocked pubg mobile after the game was blocked a month after committing suicide. Management of pakistan’s communications (pta) called the game "causeing, empty tim time and providing a serious negative impact on the physical and psychological health of children".

However, despite its minimal presence in world discussions, pakistan has a very high level of success in international cybersport.

Source: edition esportobserver

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