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April 25, 2022
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In a recent interview with artemy panarin spoke about his attitude to the media and why he set a photo with putin on his page. Read more in material.

Panarin Explained The Photo With Putin

Panarin – high-class athlete with his position

Artemy panarin after his summer interview was ranked by many commentators to active oppositions because of his criticism of the russian government. His interview youtube project «all golovin» disassembled quotes and continue to actively discuss on the internet. And only the reaction to his statements began to give way to admiration for his game for «new york rangers», how hockey player posted a collage with putin, which instantly perceived as an opposition statement.


We wrote more about this in a separate material.

The athlete himself did not comment on this joke for a long time. But in a recent interview for «match tv» he explained his motives. According to him, he did not invest any political context in his act, but simply saw a collage that seeemed funny to him, but many perceived it as «opposition step». But comment at the moment athlete did not want. To the question of a journalist, whether artemy has the consequences of his interview, the hockey player replied that he did not read the press.

It quite possible, as in the nhl there is a very rich schedule of games. In just eight days «new york rangers» played five matches, in each of which artemy panarin went on ice. At the same time, the athlete leads among russians in the list of league scorer – 37 glasses on the system «goal + pass» (8th place in the overall list).

In general, the striker still believees that it is necessary to be open with the press and respond to all questions of journalists. According to the hockey player, it is positive effect on all sports and helps to communicate with fans. But the here is panarin and claims to representatives of the media, which in his acquaintances asked this summer, did artemy changed after the signing of a new contract and not connected with his passion policy. The athlete even called them «konzheny», but the names did not call the names, however, he said that he was planning when meeting to tell thinks.

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