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April 26, 2022
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Artemy panarin once again proved that it afle to get into the headlines of publications not only after its statements about putin. «Blebushki» gave an ass perfoch in san jose. Read more in material.

Panarin In'New York Rangers': Acclimatization is over

Panarin – no doubt talent

Artemia can be sympathized in the context of his statements about politics, you can disagree with him. But argue that he is really a talented hockey player – meaningless. After arrival in b «new york» and a short adaptation russian became a full-fledged leader of the team, and his game with each tour brings more and more benefits. And today’s departure in san jose became a kind of striker benefit.

About the triumphal return of artemia panarin in columbus, but already in a t-shirt «rangers», we wrote in a sparate material.

California club began more active guests from new york and on the 10th minute came forward. But after 15 minutes, fast compares the score, and panarin brings for the first time at the match «rangers» forward – 12. Further scales again swung aside «sharks», which not only equalized the score, but also went ahead on the 45th minute – 3: 2.

There were two against such turn – mika zibedjad and artemy panarin. At first, the swede compared the score in the 49th minute (artemy took part in the head attack), and then brought the command forward (54 minutes) – 3: 4. But on it «new york» did not stop like, however, and «blebushki». On the 57th and 58th minutes, russian sent two more washers in the rival grid, bringing the bill to the defeat – 3: 6.

For the game shown in san jose, panarin was recognized as the first gaming star in nhl.

After his performance, the attacker takes the 8th place in the list of scorers (the highest among russians) with 41 points on the system goal + pass. 8th place in him and in the race of snipers – 18 heads. «New york rangers» after victory, it is located on the 10th place in the eastern conference with 35 points in the asset. Leading the same «washington capitals» alexandra ovechkin with 51 points.

About how artemy panarin explained his joke with putin – in our material.

Previously, we wrote about the power reception of ovechkin, after which the judge was taken to the hospital.

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