Panarin Patented “Hai-Kik” And Was Not Afraid To Post A Photo With Putin

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April 22, 2022
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Hockey player «new york rangers» artemy panarin became a real star in social networks after an unusual celebration on ice. His movement has already received the name that an athlete even decided to patent. Read more in material.

Panarin Patented'Hai-Kik' and was not afraid to post a photo with Putin

Panarin criticizes the government and jokes over putin

In the last material, we described the record that i put artemy panarin in the match with minnesota. It was in this game that an internet meme appeared, associated with the russian hockey player, which in the western press was already called hai-kit. We are talking about the unusual celebration of the washers clogged and successful actions that he performs on the ice. This artemia itself liked this idea that he laid out on his page photo of this moment with the signature that the movement is patented.

But on this striker «rangers» did not stop. In his story, he published the funniest, in his opinion, collages with me on the topic of hai-kik. If anyone knows, then high kick (translated from the english. «High strike») – this is the term that came from shock martial arts and in fact, means a kick in the upper part of the body or head. It is often used in kickboxing or mixed martial arts.

So, in one collage, panarin appears the dancer kankana, successfully placed among the dancers, but in another someone introduced him to the culprit of the president of the russian federation vladimir putin on the ice. This is a reference to the story with the face of the head of the head of this year after the match teams as part of the netht hockey league. You can read more about about this in ours article.

And here is the collages themselves from storm artemia:


In general, it looks like a serious deed for a famous hockey player. Basically, famous athletes relate with respect to the president of the russian federation. Enough to remember alexander ovechkin, who even wanted to create a movement «putin team». But panarin has a different attitude. Enough to remember his interview, which caused a wide resonance in society, where he criticized the government.

Previously, we wtrote about the reaction of alexander ovechkin on the words of his young colleague on the workshop.

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