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January 26, 2022
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Guide of dutch «viteses» held a meeting with the head coach of the team leonid slutsk, which caused a series of rumors in the media about the possible dismissal of the russian specialist.


Photo source: rsport.Ru

Some reliable sources immediately denied rumors about the soon dismissal of ex-coach of the russian national team leonid slutsky from dutch «viteses». So, agent christian emile explained that the meeting of the leadership was long planned and did not touch «unsatisfactory results of the team». Soon the press service of the club made a statement that there were no crisis meetings, leonid viktorovich will continue to train the club.

In the comment site «championship» the coach agent also added that it does not understand all speculations that felt in the air regarding the future of his ward. The coach believes that the results of the club are far from unsatisfactory. «Vitess» now it takes the fifth line in the netherlands championship, and last season finished on the sixth. In his opinion, management fully supports the russian specialist.

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Publication from vitesse (@mijnvitese) feb 8, 2019 at 6:45 pst

Rumors about discontent with the work of the russian manager began due to the fact that the team lost in three of the four matches and finished a draw. Now fc from the city of arnhem takes the fifth line in the championship and lags behind the fourth place for 7 points.

Leonid slutsky’s greatest success achieved, training moscow cska, to whom he led over seven years. Over this time «army women» three times became champions of russia, twice won the cup and super cup of russia.

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