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January 31, 2023
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Bookmaker pari-match allocated two potential winners of euro 2016 – france and germany. The success of each of them can be betted with a ratio of 4.00, writes lastnews.

Pari-Match BC Called Euro 2016 Favorites

The top five leaders also include spain with a coefficient of 6.00, england (10.0) and belgium (11.0).

The best scorer, according to pari-match analysts, can become cristiano ronaldo (coefficient 8.00), as well as thomas muller with a similar coefficient. The bookmaker highly appreciates the chances of olivier fat (11.0), antoine griersmanna (13.0), as well as romel lukaki and robert levandowski with coefficients of 15.0.

According to bookmakers, the russian singer sergey lazarev has the greatest chances of winning the competition «eurovision 2016».

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