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June 1, 2022
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Parimatch begins a new round of development with the creation of the Supervisory Board

Parimatch continued to be technological and professional repairs, honeying a new team of consultants. "Supervisory board" will solve many unique tasks with which this fast-growing gaming company will face in the coming years.

The council will include katerina belorusskaya, a major shareholder working in the company since 2011, and marek shmra, council consultant without executive powers. 

At the same time, sergey portnov will refuse the position of the director general and instead will be the chairman of the board of directors. Maxim lyashko and the roman of saprotyan, in addition to participating in the supervisory council, will become co-general director and share operational activities. These actions will be associated with finance, jurisprudence, communications and administration (for lyashko) and it, products and marketing (for orphan), which will allow the company to strengthen, consolidate and ensure that the best people will perform the most appropriate roles.

Additional non-executive role in the council currently vacant. Parimatch hopes soon to take this position, and now the search for a candidate with enthusiasm, ambitions and vision, which corresponds to those currently in the board of directors.

The council will task to help parimatch navigate the highly competitive world of online games and sports rates. It will also make decisions on solutions such as the potential primary public offering of the company’s shares and the ways with which it will continue its expansion, but it will exist as a separate organization and will not directly participate in the company’s daily operations.

Maxim lyashko, coo-ceo parimatch:

"For me and novel, the double structure of the general directors is a logical step and consolidation of the company’s growth directions. We know our destinations well and do everything to implement the company’s plans to enter a new level of development. ".

Roman siretic, socy general director parimatch:

 "We and maxim are instructed to head the company as a co-general director. For me it is a great honor. Being today in excellent form, parimatch seeks to take the leading position in the markets around the world. I hope to contribute to achieving this goal, ensuring that our clients of entertainment and services of the highest quality."

The supervisory board believes that the new structure will strengthen the parimatch position and will allow it to continue growth, thanks to which he became one of the largest technological companies in europe.

International holding has been working for more than 25 years, and although he has steadily grew throughout this time, most of its growth occurred over the past few years. Parimatch works more than ten countries around the world in local licenses and for the franchise model. The brand is present in cyprus, in belarus, kazakhstan, the united kingdom and is currently the only licensed bookmaker office in ukraine.

 In recent years, the company has signed agreements with representatives of the brand, such as conor mcgregor and mike tyson, helping them get more attention to sports rates arena.

The supervisory board is the next step in this process of evolution, which has arrived at the critical moment for the brand.

Sergey portnov, the current chairman of the board of directors and a person who helped to form and identify the recent success of the company, believes that these changes will ensure the stability and direction necessary for growth:

"Updating the structure of the company and the creation of the council is an indicator of the company’s maturity and readiness. Now the best time for such changes. I am sure that it will strengthen the brand strategy and allow the large ship parimatch quickly move along the route."

Source: parimatch official website

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