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March 16, 2022
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Parimatch is recognized as a bookmaker number 1 in Kazakhstan

December 20, the international company parimatch has won the "online bookmaker no. 1" in kazakhstan "in the annual competition" choice of sex no. 1 ", reports zakon. Kz. 5 bookmakers participated in the fight for the award. The winners were determined in two stages – the survey of kazakhstanis and the expert decision of the jury. The survey in the 8 largest cities of kazakhstan held a public opinion exploring center (qiom).

"Parimatch is primarily synergy of business and technology. Company mission: develop and popularize sports in the country and the world. We are very happy to get this award, especially on the basis of such a difficult year. Thanks to everyone who voted for us. The quality of online services has always been our priority and what we have achieved in 2020, only the beginning. Next year we will go to the updated technological platform that will open up new opportunities for our customers ",

– says roman boyko, ceo parimatch middle asia.

Parimatch – international online bookmaker with a 26-year history. Companies of companies allow you to bet on thousands of sports events online, watch matches and battles.

"In 2021, we are planning to introduce an educational program for sports marketing to drastically improve the partner work between sponsors and teams. Thus, we will develop sports in kazakhstan and help our athletes to reach a new level. We are pleased that our efforts are appreciated. ",

– adds ilya dorman marketing director for marketing parimatch in kazakhstan.

According to the organizers of the competition, it was a unique experience – the leader of the betting industry, and even the online segment, in our country was determined for the first time.

Source: zakon kz edition

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