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June 15, 2022
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Parimatch signed a contract with Coldzera CrewZera Star

The international bookmaker company parimatch has signed a contract with marcelo augusto david (more famous as "coldzera") as his representative global esports.

Marcelo augusto david – brazilian professional in counter-strike: global offensive, known as the best player cs: go 2 years in a row (2016 and 2017). As part of the coldzera contract, the parimatch initiatives on social networks will support.

Marcelo augusto david says:

"I am glad to announce my partnership with parimatch and get acquainted with my combat board for cs: go daniel teslenko" zeus "on the one hand, together with such world sports legends, like mike tyson and conor mcgregor – this is such an honor. I knew parimatch as a responsible company, which is really immersed in cyberport and makes a significant contribution – both in technology and in entertainment. And, being grateful e-sports for a lot, i want to contribute not only to the arena – so, with parimatch, we will develop cybersport in brazil. Let’s try to distract them away from football!".

Stepan shulga, headport manager parimatch:

"Great news for parimatch and cybersport community. My company seeks to become a global brand, and this partnership with marcelo represents us for brazilian fans of cybersport, opening the doors to global markets. Marsello will help us in communication – it is very important that cyber speaking professionals shared their inspirational experience with fans. Welcome to borch, amigo! Let’s make the cybersport planet rotate faster!".

Parimatch has long been in the avant-garde of the growing ebust industry, early realizing its growth potential and paying her attention as traditional sports. A significant part of research and development in parimatch focuses on the development of cybersport functions for a significant improvement in user experience, so this brand is considered one of the leading cybersport bookmakers.

Source and photo: focus gaming news

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