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July 22, 2022
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Partner partner affiliate, promoting two not popular online casinos, offers webmasters of dubious quality. The company promises revshare payouts up to 70%, does not tolerate negative balance for the new billing period, but there is no user agreement on the site anywhere and the exact conditions of cooperation are not spelled out. If you have problems with payments, the webmaster is unlikely to succeed to prove its right and get honestly earned money. This scares many potential customers.

Date create information
cookieno information
lifetime cookie30 days
negative balancenot tolerated
reporting period15 days
minimum payment300 rub
maximum paymentnot limited

Basic information

Affiliate program casino volcano rich and jinobet tries to attract users, promising newcomers in the first monh of earnings on revenue share up to 70% and up to 65% with further cooperation. The beneficial advantage includes payments twice a month, a low threshold for removing funds from the account (300 rubles) and the combustion of the negative balance of each 1st and 15th day of the month, which cannot but like to customers.

The simplest interface of the main page

From which time the platform works and who belongs to – exactly unknown. The fist news is dated march 2019. Exactly a year later, the site update has occurred to improve the quality of service and security level. Its design has not changed, and users have lost access to their accounts and were forced to restore passwords via email.

The site does not have a page with rules and conditions, the link to which traditionally should be in the footer.

To collect information about rates on payment models and other details, the user has to study faq and ask questions to customer service consultants.

Typical questions in faq

One of the benefits of a affiliate is quick and easy registration for which you want to come up with a login, specify the email address and skype, come up with a password and list traffic sources. No checks after that are held, that is, immediately after entering the data, the webmaster gets the ability to log and log in to your personal account. Its interface is available in two languages ​​- russian and english.

Brands affiliate program

  • Casino volcano rich. Works since 2014, does not have a license and who belongs to unknown. It differs from numerous single-type volcanoes standard conditions: a small collection of gambling entertainment (about 200 pieces), a russian-speaking interface, ruble account and diversity of bonuses. Rich volcano promises two ibery and welcoming special offer up to 350% to the account replenishment amount.
  • Jinobet casino. The second partner program of the partner affiliate online casino, which is also working without a license and not providing information about the owner. Founded in 2019, it offers 280 games, including slots, roulette, poker, blackjack and some others. Players are available many payment systems to replenish account and remove the winnings. Newbies provide a non-deposit bonus for registry and a large welcome package with monetary prizes for the first four replenishments.

Payment models

The company offers only one model of earnings on the offices, namely revenue share. It is noteworthy that almost everywhere on the site its name is written with an error – refshare. Even on the main banner on the main page in this word there is a typo. This fact says not in favor of a partner and quality of services provided by.

Remuneration on the revshare model

Revshare remuneration percentage varies. All newcomers promise 70% for the second mount, starting from the second, the rate becomes floating. The amount of remuneration varies, depending on the number of first deposits (fd) committed by the affiliates of the players:

quantity fd per month revshare
up to 30fifty%
from 31 to 5055%
from 51 to 9960%
over 10065%

The faq is referred to the referral program, and in the personal accaster you can find a unique link to attract webmasters, but nowhere has no interest information that the user will receive from subufflete income.

Promotional materials

When creating a promoter, you must select one of two projects and decide on type of advertising: ledding, banner or direct link.

In the next step, depending on the tool created, sizes are determined, appearance and some other parameters.

Creating a banner for jinobet casino

The catalog of promotional materials in the personal account is very small, and it is not reported about creating banners for an individual order creating banners for an individual order, but you can try to make the appropriate request to the technical support service.


The jinobet casino affiliate program and volcano rich provides webmasters the ability to analyze statistical data with many parameters: profit size, commission deductions, the number of first deposits and their amount, information on replenishment and removal of funds players, the number of registrations and unique transitions.

Display statistical data on screen

By default, statistics are displayed on both brands, but if necessary, it is allowed to choose one of the projects and set the period of interest.

Graphic display of income statistics

Payment systems and payments

Partner affiliate affiliate program pays payments twice a month without transferring a negative balance (it is resetting the 1st and 15th).

Translations are made within seven days of the next billing period. The minimum listed amount is 300 rubles. To make money from the account is allowed in several ways, for each of which certain limits are installed:

payment system. Amount rub.Max. Amount rub.
Qiwione hundred14,000
yandex.Moneyone hundred15,000
visa and mastercard1 00060 000

registration of application for payments

No restrictions on earnings and amounts of payments affiliate.

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