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September 8, 2022
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Passport technology donated 7,000 pounds in gamcare, leading the charity organization of great britain, supporting those who suffer from gambling addiction to gambling. This donation passport wanted to support the game community

For an independent charitable organization, donations are of vital importance. Gamcare organized a national licencing for gambling for everyone, including family members affectedd by gaming addiction, in england, scotland and wales, financed by gambleaware.

Gamcare consultants respond to more than 30,000 calls annually; their website is visited by about 2 million people, and their national therapeutic network annually serves about 10,000 people. Constant support is extremely important, since almost half of the callers report negative impact on their mental health.

"The contribution of passport technology is the first and one-a-kind in this industry," said kurt sullivan, president of passport technology. "First of all, we give customers the opportunity to seek help through self-slip utilities and support the local community through donations. We wa want everyone to spend time, and also want people to feel their responsibility. ".

Innovative access solutions from passport technology are used in dozens of casinos in the uk, europe and canada. The payment platform provides the highest level of security, compliance with requirements, confidentiality, demonstrating the desire to provide targeted and socially responsible functions that have never been not available in the payments in the casino industry.

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