Paypal Encourages His Employees Takens

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January 31, 2023
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Paypal’s payment system introduced an unusual system for promoting its employees. Blockchain technology lay down. This was announced by the director of innovation company michael todasco.

PayPal Encourages His Employees Takens

The paypal team for six months led the active work on the implementation and testing of the system. She was launched in mid-november.

The purpose of the innovation – encouraging employees for the offer of innovative solutions and ideas. For each initiative, the company employee receives a token that can be used inside paypal. For example, employees can leave comments or put «husky» proposed by anyone. For this, its author will be rewarded.

These tokens can not buy anything, but the will provide the opportunity to get a unique experience. For example, it will be possible to play poker with the vice-president of the financial director john rihi.

Previously, paypal and superdata conducted a study, the results of which showed that gamers spend on computer games for 2 hours 27 times a monh.

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