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March 15, 2022
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Paysafe Collaborates with Betwildwood

Paysafe, announced partnership by betwildwood, official online bookmaker wildwood casino in colorado. As part of the betwildwood transaction integrates the technology of unified paysafe payments, as well as income access, a paysafe marketing technologies and service provider, supporting the launch of a new betwildwood affiliate program based on its partner platform.

According to the gaming department of the colorado state department in november, sports bookmakers in the aggregate accepted rates at $ 231 million, which is the highest indicator today. In conditions of stable growth of colorado betwildwood, along with other staff working, can use this impulse as an opportunity to improve its strategies. It also relates to payments and remains a critical stage to determine optimal solutions and ways to success. Betwildwood, which began working in july 2020, offers turnkey software for racing and bookmakers isi race & sports (isi ltd.). Thanks to the unified api integration with paysafe, the single platform of the bookmaker office allows players to make deposits using a wide range of payment methods: a credit or debit card processed through paysafe payment network, its digital skrill wallet and paysafe ecash services, such as paysafecard and paysafecash.

Paysafe platform will support betwildwood using advanced reporting tools and analytics to optimize payments, as well as security features that ensure the protection of players data.

Thanks to income access integration, betwildwood will access the partner marketing platform. Comprehensive tracking and reporting of the platform allow income access to provide important data that affiliates can use to adapt digital marketing campaigns to the licensed market for sports rates in colorado, launched in may 2020.

Players from colorado will be able to download the betwildwood application for ios and android, which will make rates from anywhere. The product covers a wide range of betting options, including american football (nfl), basketball, baseball, football, boxing, golf and more.

Gregory kirstein, director of business development in the field of igaming in paysafe, said:

"We are very pleased to cooperate brandwoodwood to improve brand payment suggestions, as well as simplify the introduction and removal of funds for players with the help of our uniform platform. We are also glad to see that our business unit income access supports the attraction of brand players through partner channel. Betwildwildwood has good opportunities for long-term success due to the combination solutions ".

Bill snert, president isi ltd., noted:

"Our partnerships that our customers will receive the most diverse, secure and convenient payment solution. Since the market for sports tores in colorado contines to grow, the unified paysafe platform will become our advantage over competitors. We look forward to the upcoming startup of an affiliate program with income access, as it will support continuous growth and coverage of a wider client base ".

Source: official paysafe website

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