Penalties And Disqualification: Results Of The Nac Commission For Habib And Mcgregor

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January 20, 2022
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On january 29, a final meeting of the athletic commission of mcgregor and habiba nurmagomedov took place.

Penalties and Disqualification: Results of the Nac Commission for Habib and McGregor

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October 6, habib nurmagomedov, with the help of painful reception, defeated the conir of mcgregor in octave. But to cope with emotions and accept the honor of the winner so just the russian could not. After the fences and entered into a fight with sparring partner of irish dillon denis. At the same time, conor also made an attempt to jumble through the fence, but another fight began inside octagon, already with the participation of mcgregor and habiba friends – zubairy tukhugova, abubakara nurmagomedova and esetulla emiragueva.

These two episodes and disassembled the athletic nevada state commission. Both athletes at the meeting were not present, their interests defended lawyers. However, a few hours before beginning of the meeting, it became concluded agement of the state, which may affect the decision nac.

According to the result, it ac not known whether it affected threm or not, but the punishment for fighters looks significant – penalties and disqualification. Most of all from the commission got habibu. He pays a fine of $ 500 thousand., and will also be removed for 9 monhs from the moment of incident. True, in the decision there is an item in which removal can end 3 months earlier. Namely, if nurmagomedov takes part in the approved antihulian event nac. In this case, the russian federation in the ufc cool take place on april 6. However, according to the manager of the soldier of rizvan magomedov, the russian will not use the function of reducing its term.

Habib in his instagram in comic form respondd to the solution of nac on the ducation of disqualification.

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Wake me up when all this is over. Wake me up, when it’s all over.

Publication from khabib nurmagomedov (@khabib_nurmagomedov) jan 29, 2019 at 10:24 pst

In turn, conor mcgregor got into a less significant sanction. By decision of 5 members of the commission, he was removed for 6 months and obliged to pay a fine of $ 50 thousand. According to the head of nac anthony marnell iii, during the fight mcgregor defended and not attacked. But if he did not accept the fight, then his business would not even be considered.

In turn, the executive director of the bob bennett commission stressed that in the future it would be nice to be able to influence what the athletes say to each other at press conferences (we are talking about insults and traditional for ufc treshtoking). Some of the fighters of bennett fighters called unacceptable.

Understanding the period of disqualification of fighters will allow agents to start negotiations on the fights. Most likely, the exact date of confrontation of the mcgregor coniron against donald serrone will be known in the near future.

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