Pensioner Won A Million By Betting $ 5

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January 11, 2022
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An unprecedented case occurred in one of the gambling institutions of atlantic city. Elderly resident of lakewood, new jersey, made a bet of $ 5 and became the owner of a millionth win.

Pensioner Won A Million by Betting $ 5

This is the first similar case at borgato hotel casino, which is already working for fifteen years. Representatives of the casino wrote on their facebook page that for harold m. From lakewood, christmas has come a little earlier. The winner managed to collect a combination of flash piano. That is what brought him a record gain.

However, this is not the fist case of such luck. In december of this year, luck smiled in the resident of ukraine. He acquired a lottery ticket «megalot» worth 25 hryvnia and won a million.

Indition, on the eve of the record jackpot was fed in romania. Lottery winner «6 out of 49» became the owner of 17 million romanian lei, which is equivalent €3.7 million.

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