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May 2, 2022
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Over the past two dozen years, the online gambling industry has accumulated enough data required to analyze user data efficiency analysis. However, in the report dynamic yield we are talking about achieving the industry only the basic level of personalization.

Personalization of data in the Igor industry: research

Personalization: what’s talk about

Companies engaged in the development of data personalization in any industry, are focused on determining the ability of their customers to adapt their products or services. When analyzing the indicator, eight metrics are taken into account. They concern whether the operator can personalize the client’s experience, track the success of users’ success, allocate a special centralized team for personalization, and whether the company is ready to spend money on these operations. In addition, it is important to understand whether the operator is ready to integrate the conclusions to the technological component and when preparing a marketing strategy.

In total majority of cases, companies seek to achieve a basic level of personalization. It is somewhat better than nothing, but still much worse than i would like to. Or in other words, the industry is gaining glasses for what is focused on the culture of personalization and data collection, but the results do not find applications in practice – for customer interaction.

In the organization allocated a number of reasons why this happens. The first and most of them are strict legislative restrictions. Because of the latter, there is a significant gap in data that does not alloow to reveal the potential of personalization.

Another reason may be difficult to integrate platforms and providers. At the same time, the organization warns that operators wh will not be able to adapt to complex conditions, most likely, can lose the audience in which millennialy.


At the same time, it shold be noted that european, middle eastern and african regions are better working with effective personalization. It the world that are estimated by dynamic yield, «advanced» level. America and the asia-pacific region positions are somewhat weaker.

It is significant that they are talking about personalization as one of the priorities of 82% of operators, while implement the results only 54%. Partly this drop is due to the lack of resources.

If short, the main focus, according to dynamic yield, the operators are still making the players and not to hold them. Despite the fact that the gaming industry has unused resources – new markets, demographic features, development of marketing strategies and they will once be exhausted. Personalization allows you to hold customers by improving the quality of the services provided and promotes a competitive advantage.

Recall that the identification procedure was simplified in the russian federation.

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