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January 10, 2022
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Harumi takhasi, governor of hokkaido prefecture in japan, announced that he would not run for the fifth term next spring. Her absence can cause a serious bowo to the prospects for transformation of prefecture to location for the resort casino.

Perspectives Hokkaido to Receive Licensing in Question

Her refusal to participate in elections means that the next spring will be chosen a new governor in sapporo. Most likely, it will be a conservative a candidate from the conservative ruling party and a candidate from the united opposition, although there were no official states about this.

Thus, the forces supporting the development of an integral resort in the region lose power in the prefecture. It is significant that opposition parties historically sought better results in local elections than at the national level.

The next spring will take place elections to local authorities, which will include the election of the governor and the assembly. The conservative wing must be defeated in both election races to implement a project of a casino resort.

Earlier it was reported that the integrated resort can be built in tomakhoma if the hokkaido authorities approve the initiative.

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