Phil Ivey Again Ended Up In The Epicenter Of The Scandal

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March 24, 2022
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Professional poker player, well known in the community, phil ivey, was again in the epicenter of the scandal. By the court decision, the poker should be a gambling institution of $ 10 million, however, apparently, does not plan to give out.

Phil Ivey again ended up in the epicenter of the scandal

Recall that earlier phil avi could not defend his position in court and lost the claim casino borgata. The guidance of the gambling institution accused pokerist in violation of the rules of games in bakkar. Casino required to pay $ 10 million who were «received fraudulent path». The prosecution said that phil and his assistant cheng yun sunn managed to beat the gambling establishment, taking advantage of the imperfection of the coating of playing card shirts.

The verdict of the court in the case of iivi entered into force in 2016. However, over the past three years, the gambling institution did not receive from phil. In turn, the defenders of the titled player insist that their customer is currently solvent.

Casino leaders are concerned by the fact that with all the insolvency of phil managed to take part in large poker tournaments. Therefore, the gambling institution sent him an executive list directly at the height of the global poker series with the request to transfer prizes won in the competition.

And here the casino borgata is not too lucky: as it has called, a player who won 10 champion bracelets in the current series, in the current series earned only a modest $ 125 thousand. The most successful for penista was to participate in the tournament with a bai-in $ 50 thousand. Despite the leadership before the start of the final day, i would finish ivey only eighth.

Remains a mystery, can the casino can get at least something from the penista or his team will again find a reason not to pay for the debt.

Recall that, according to patrick antonius, modern technologies have a negative impact on poker disciplines.

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