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May 5, 2022
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Coronavirus continues to sow panic among government officials and the public. In the philippines already stated three cases of infection. In this regard, in manila, they require checking staff of offshore gambling operators (pogo) for disease.

Philippines: POGO employees will be checked for coronavirus

Mayors of five cities placed in the southern part of the menila metro region (makati, pasai, las pinyas, parandyak and muninlupe), turned to the authorities asking for inspections of the health status of pogo. Private institutions, including pogo, was ordered to provide a list of employees who have recently visited china, hong kong or macau.

Note that macau’s gambling institutions stopped working due to the flashes of the virus, more about it – in separate material.

The heads of the cities emphasize that the measure is necessary for the public good. Mayor of makati abby binai stated that at such difficult times, as now, the actions of representatives of various sectors should be different with unity and coordination. Therefore, urban authorities appeal to all interested parties, calling them to cooperate and maintain health policies.

According to the mayor of las pinyas imelda agilar, the authorities wanted to make sure that pogo employees who recently traveled to the prc to celebrate the chinese new year were not infected.

They will be able to undergo a survey not only in the workplace, but also at the place of residence. The target group formed for conducting inspections will be attended by houses of workers who have recently visited the prc, macau, taiwan and hong kong. The latter also undertake to verify due compliance with quarantine.

The measure described above is not the only one for the localization of the disease against pogo applies other limitations. So, the game regulator philippines – pagcor called on the managers of pogo isolate employees visiting the countries in which the most common virus.

They will be able to undergo a survey not only in the workplace, but also at the place of residence

Senator joel villanueva, having consisted that this measure is not enough, addressed to representatives of the gambling regulator with a request not to shift control over the industry to other departments. Senator believes that since pagcor provides legitimate grounds for work pogo, it is he who undertakes to ensure decent working conditions to employees. If the representatives of the gambling regulator are not cope with the functions, they can always seek help from the health department.

But in the northern part of the country, there are even more radically. There are offered to fully suspend reception to work in pogo chinese employees. However, this proposal, most likely, has little common with the desire to protect the inhabitants from the virus, his initiators are simply going to get rid of immigrants, referring to an increased crime rate for which the latter is responsible.

Recall that revenues from gambling operations in the philippines in 2019 increased by 11.6% and amounted to 75.8 billion philippine peso.

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