Philippines: Tax Revenues From Work Pogo Are Increasing

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April 13, 2022
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Fear of raids made filipino offshore gambling operators (pogo) more conscientiously paying taxes to the state treasury.

Philippines: Tax revenues from work POGO are increasing

Tax revenues from the activities of pogo grow as fear spread to raids. According to local media, the income bureau (bir) stated a monthly increase in tax fees.

The representative off the department arnel guballa said that last year before august 1, income tax fees from foreign enterprises amount to 1.4 billion philippine peso ($ 27 million). For the same period of this year, according to the official, about 1.63 billion philippine peso ($ 32 million) were collected ($ 32 million).

Guballa also adds that, taking into account the favorable effect of the raids and termination of the work of pogo, evading taxes, september indicators will be even more impressive.

The official also stated that the authorities do not intend to further lead peaceful dialogues on this topic, so the started law enforcement measures.

Casna Received $ 25 Million in The Form of Tax Deductions or Fines

Guballa emphasizes that the requirements of the authorities are not unfounded. After the raid on the great empire gaming and amusement corp, several companies voluntarily appealed to the authorities. Thus, $ 25 million received in the treasury in the form of tax deductions or fines.

Chapter pagcor andrea domingo stated to journalists that prosperity pogo is possible if the latter follow the standards of the law. She stressed that the gambling regulator suspended the reception of new applications for a license for the development of new rules.

Despite the fact that bir is quite the results of work, 20 billion philippine pesos, who initially expected the authorities of the philippines and were not collected.

Recall that president philippines rodrigo dwarte unexpectedly revised his attitude towards gambling business and its development in the country.

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