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November 11, 2022
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Pinnacle online rates operator entered into an partnership agreement with sumsub, a personality check platform that meets the needs of kyc / kyb / aml. This will provide a simpler and fast adaptation process for pinnacle users. In addition, the kyc provider & aml will help pinnacle to protect its users from unnecessary risks associated with gambling and become even more socially responsible. The bookmaker will also receive the necessary tools for preventing fraud with payments and more reasonable risk management.

Pinnacle, in addition to sports and cybersport rates, offers online casino services and works in this business for more than 20 years and is considered one of the most reliable bookmakers in the industry, due to high safety standards, similar to the standards of large financial organizations.

Sumsub provided pinnacle reliable checking tools, such as biometric checks and aml screening, ensured accurate testing of the source of funds so that pinnacle customers do not spend more than they can afford. This will help the platform comply with the requirements of the responsible game. Sumsub also provided pinnacle legal protection mechanisms for return payments.

"The integrity and efficiency of our platform is part of our success. So, to maintain a high level of operation, we needed a solution that could speed up the processes of compliance and increase the level of security. This partnership was an excellent partnership. This is a big step forward from the point of view of the internal organization of our compliance processes. In general, we provide better adaptation for members of our community of rates, "veronica reis, legal requirement manager, regulatory requirements and regulatory requirements in pinnacle.

"Bookmakers must comply with the requirements of both aml and the responsible game, which is a difficult task. We are glad to use our experience to help pinnacle become more socially responsible and protect our customers from any possible problems related to games, "added jacob north, sumsub co-founder.

Source: european gaming

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