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September 23, 2022
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Plan of Voluntary Retirement in Mauritius Casino

Pension voluntary retirement plans, intended for employees of casino mauritius aged fifty years who had to be implemented in the coming weeks were postponed. According to the information, mauritius casino management is in the process of supporting the restructuring plan aimed at redistributing personnel in various casinos in the country.

It is assumed that the redocation will begin in a few weeks. They had to discuss this topic at the last meeting of the casino management mauritius a few days ago. Although some senior executives argue on the dismissal of 41 employees over 60 years old on a voluntary retirement plan is favorable for restructuring ", these significant changes are supposed to be made to allow organizations to restart.

When four casinos throughout the country (curpipe, grand casino du domaine, caudan and grand baie) will earn. Mauritius leadership confirms that the plan of voluntary retirement for employees between the ages of fifty years, which was considered for several weeks, while postponed. "We are focused on restructuring," they say; recall that 41 employees who choose a voluntary retirement plan receives from 25,000 to 50,000 rupees per monh. However, the number that does not meet the expectations of the leadership of casino mauritius, arranges the organization. In the sense that, nevertheless, there is a percentage of employees who have chosen retirement.

Is reported that from september 1, the authorities can remove the ban on meetings more than 50 people. This is a measure that already pleases the participants of picnics and cinemas of nightclubs, casino and cinemas, because their finances were in the minus since the pandemic struck mauritius. These operators were forbidden to work in a limited space, although nightclubs still benefited from the support plan to hold out. The owners of these sectors are looking forward to official announcement from the authorities, but nothing official is also on the side of cinemas and casino.

In radioplus, the director of the state investment corporation, jairej sonoo, says that he has not received permission. All employees are preparing for the solemn discovery, and the operators of the entertainment industry who want the business to resume in the usual mode, waiting patiently. However, the burnt plan of voluntary retirement of casino mauritius due to the impact of the spread of the virus, which led to the fact that the country imposed strict restrictions for business, especially for casino operators that did not receive any assistance from the authorities, as in the case of the operator mainstreaming.

One thing is to resume your commercial activities in normal mode. In beach authority, it is indicated that while on allowed on the beaches, now the ball is on the court of authorities who faces the explosion of cases of covid-19 in the country.

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