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July 11, 2022
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Play'n Go lights candles at the Dead Festival

Play’n go tolerate players in the colorful miktlan aztec military world with their latest release, muerto en mictlán.

Dead day, festival dedicated to the memory of past family members. Lighting the candles at the holy altar, you get into a colorful afterlife. Don’t be afraid. Your spiritual instructors catherine and katrina will show you the way through the miktlan. Enrich your feelings traveling from the moon kingdom to the kingdom of the sun.

Muerto en mictlán – slot game with 5 drums, bright in its style, with color splashes with each rotation. Catherine and katrina appear on the drums to spend you on the levels of the game, which in this respect resemble the "sword and grail".

At each level there is a unique feature of wild, reflecting a different spirit. These spirits have the ability to transfer you to the next stage of your travel in miktlan. What, in turn, develops history for a player, because it can control, in which direction it moves, using the choice of functions wild.

Impressive visual effects and sound create an atmosphere fully immersed player in the world muerto en mictlán. You will see a bright color palette and traditional motifs of colors and animals in decorative curls. You will notice a hint of calaveras (sugar skulls), which are used as decoration for the face of catherine and catherine.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the animation soul scatter. This intelligent animation includes electric purple and blue shades with subtle outlines in the form of "spirit", adding even more to exciting visual effects in this game.

The head of the charlotte games department miliciano said:

"This is such a beautiful game and we liked working on it. Visual effects are just amazing.
We did not want to create a typical game "day of the dead". We wanted this game to make our players. So, we have created a story which which players can interact and promote the story, fully immersing them in the world of miktlan ".

Source: official play’n go website

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