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May 5, 2022
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Play'n Go Released a New Court of Hearts Slot

Play’n go continues to deliver the highest level entertainment industry by announcing their last release of court of hearts.

The game is a continuation of rabbit hole riches 2020. The action of both games occurs in the wonderland, a fictional country that appears in the classic novel "alice in wonderland" written by lewis carroll.

Rabbit hole riches praised both art design and for a rich narrative during its release, and both elements were transferred to this long-awaited sequel.

Court of hearts sees how players return to wonderland after events of the first game, only to be in front of the court along with the worm currency for the crime that the did not commit! Help the chervonna valtu to prove his innocence, and he will share with you part of the wealth of the country of wonders.

While rabbit hole riches was played on a 3 × 3 grid, court of hearts increases the size of the grid to 5 × 3, but at the same time saves fun functions that like players. He also sees the return of popular free spins wine the player wins on the pay lines, increasing the winning multiplier in the entire function worthout reset.

Play’n go ceo johan tinckwist reported that the reaction to create a sequel to a slight choice:

"A huge reaction to rabbit hole riches, in particular, praise for design and narration, meant that we just had to continue the story.

Lewis carroll works sevel times retought over the years, so we considered it important to create a special world for our creation and create something truly interesting, both visually and in the game process ".

Court of hearts came out and is available for playing sevel jurisdictions.

Source: official play’n go website

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