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June 17, 2022
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Play'n Go Returns To Wonderland With Worms Agent

Play’n go release another part of the rabbit hole riches series, agent of hearts.

Wonderland in despair. Everyone knows that the secret of the country’s wealth of the queen, which is stored under the lock. Go news that the keys were stolen. She declared his worms agent to pick them up and in return to award the share of the wonderful wealth of wonders.

Lovers of slot machines will enjoy this wonderful addition to the rabbit hole riches series. This game, carefully developed in order to interest the player in his queen’s heart opening mission, is not devoid of opportunities.

Removing rotations can run random jokers offering small winnings throughout the game. Four famous wonderland character: mad hatter, cheshire cat, caterpillar and sonya, make magic through the grid, transforming and destroying symbols, offering a player more diversity in this already filled to the game. Kreferedo goes into a grand final when players produce mega wild.

Epic visual effects and sound are used to immersee the players in the colorful world of wonders. The cover is made in a special style reflecting the fancy of these characters, and present throughout the series, including rabbit hole riches and court of hearts.

There were countless images of white rabbit and character characters of miracles of many environments, so to keep the characters worth with fresh and at the sam time to fit the original descriptions of lewis carolla – a difficult task. The head of the charlotte games department miliciano said:

"Our designers have done a stunning job to reflect the individuality of characters in the rabbit hole riches stories, and i think that that is why this game is so exciting – she looks great!
We all like the fact that we know well and causes nostalgia, and this is another reason why these games are so popular among the players. ".

Source: official play’n go website

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