Player “Spartak” Called The “Gentleman Of The Year” In Russia

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January 31, 2023
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According to the results of the annual russian prize «football gentleman of the year» the prize received midfielder moscow «spartak» and russian national team roman zobnin.

Player'Spartak' called the 'gentleman of the year' in Russia

Prize named after the soviet and russian football player fyodor cherenkov, wh spent most of the career in moscow «spartak», every year awarded to the publication «tvnz». This year the prize was awarded together with sport 24 sports portal. According to the initiators of the premium, they award «the most noble, correct and best player of the country».

This year i received a reward «spartakovets» roman zobnin. As a reward, the athlete received a tuxedo from the elite atelier «imperial tailor» and funny cartoon. The football player himself explained that what he was informed award, he thought it was a draw. But then asked his teammate artem reburov (awarded in 2017) and was convinced that everything was serious.

Roman zobnin: "i try to always go on an honest way"
????Alexander fedorov pic.Twitter.Com / rhuwyeezwv

— russian national team (@teamrussia)
december 12, 2018.

So that the football player was awarded a special prize, he needs to meet several criteria:

  • Club leadership;
  • Attitude to rivals and arbitrators;
  • Communication with audience and journalists.

It is worth noting that, unlike many other football premimss, «gentlemen» award often get goalkeepers. So, at different times, i was awarded to artem rod (2017 – «spartacus»), igor akinfeev (2016 – cska), andrei dikanu (2012 – «spartacus»), vladimir gabulov (2009 – «dynamo» moscow) and other.

Latest premium owners «football gentleman of the year»:





Roman zobnin

«Spartacus» moscow


Artem rebrov

«Spartacus» moscow


Igor akinfeev

Cska moscow


Artem dzyuba

«Zenith» st. Petersburg



«Zenith» st. Petersburg

On thursday, december 13, zobnina roman’s club will have the most important match in the europa league. «Spartacus» will go to spain to visit «villarreal». Read our forecast for the upcoming match with the coefficients from experts, you can link.

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