Players Dota 2 Accounted For A New Card In The Rpg Genre

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March 21, 2022
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Players modifications accounted for the developer, valve, asking for a separate game.

Players Dota 2 Accounted for a New Card In The Rpg Genre

Genrow reincarnation rpg: revival refers to «role players». The gameplay involves the existence of an open gaming world, which provides for nine dungeons, eight global bosses, as well as open events and tasks. The 19 classes that can be pouring to 300 levels. In addition, there are various professions and arena at the disposal of players, on which you can fight other characters. Progress between sessions is saved automatically.

At the moment, the modification is available in open beta testing. According to the developer provided by the international 2019, global patch will be released after the international 2019. The developer adds that it will contain a new content and the development of the game will go to endgame.

Earlier, the developer released dota underlords, based on modification of the auto chess game developed by drodo studio. The original was published in january 2019. It is known that in the first five months the game uploaded about 8 million users. The developers also explained that the considered the possibility of cooperation with drodo studio, but the final decision of the companies was in the autonomous work on the project.

Recall that the beta battle pass dota underlords was launched last week.

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