Players “Juventus” Recognized The Power Of “Locomotive”

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April 18, 2022
3 minutes

Moscow «locomotive» delivered serious problems to the leader of the a, turin «juventus». The strength of the moscow team was noted by the players themselves «old senoras». Read more in material.

Players 'Juventus' recognized the power of 'Locomotive'

«Locomotive» semin proved that he deservedly plays in lch

Turinsky «juventus» flew to moscow as a unconitional favorite. At least, the majority of experts and bookmakers adhered to such an opinion. However, this season, yuri semin proved that he just had anyone with his «locomotive» will not easily work easily and on wednesday.

Read more about the first game «loco» from «juve» we wrote in a sparate material.

Although for guests it all started well. Moscow rain led to the fact that the goalkeeper «loco» guillerme made a mistake due to the wet ball and the tourisers were told in the account on the third minute. But the owners were not going to give up, and alexey miranchuk equalized the bill on the 12th minute of the match. All the rest of the time the struglegle went competitive: despite the greater possession of «juve», muscovites, it and it’s upside to dangerous counterattacks.

On the 77th minute from the missed goal of guests, the central defender leonardo bonucci. Underbek issued «round» literally. And 90 + 3 defense «loco» douglas costa did not fail and gave a failure;. 2: 1 – victory «juventus», who guaranteed himself a way out of the playlof stage. At the same time, the wards semine showed a competitive game and could even win.

Match Statistics

Aleksey miranchuk was recognized as a statistical portal whoscored the best player of the match among the representatives of both clubs.


Bonucci and pueps understand what they say

After the game, the complexity and importance of the match were confirmed by footballlers «juve». So, the goalkeeper of the team wojci punedy said that «loco» he played very well. In his opinion, a draw was to become a logical outcome of this confrontation. Also, the goalkeeper of the polish national team explained and the reason for the guard of the gate «railway» guilder. In his opinion, all the fault lies on the wet lawn, the pole also had problems with the fixation of a wet shell.

Paid my dues «locomotive» and hero «juve» – leonardo bonucci. Defender savior on his page in «twitter» published an appeal to fans where he called on to enjoy the victory. And also noted that on such games, as in the case of «loco», need to learn.

About lesion «lokomotiva» from «spartak» under the leadership of tedesko, we wrote in a sectial article.

Earlier, we covered in detail victory «real».

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